The images in these Collections reflect my interests as a person, photographer and artist.

I've used photography and many digital tools and techniques to tell stories and to create portraits, multifaceted street scenes and panoramic landscapes.

What they all share, apart from my love for the subjects, is a technique that I discovered while photographing my granddaughter, playing on Takapuna Beach in Auckland —  that by joining some of the photographs I was able to document the process of Lara building a sandcastle within a single frame.

Recalling Renaissance Art History lectures, I realised that digital compositing technology offers me a way to introduce into photography the ancient art of Synoptic or Continuous Narrative — to represent a subject, (a person,) multiple times within a single frame I could extend a portrait into something more, a narrative describing a series of event.

I have shown all of the photographs found in this website on Instagram and in exhibitions in Auckland, Whangarei, (New Zealand), and in Dijon (France).

My photographs are held in many private art collections.

The photographs on the site are available for purchase as printed or framed photographs. If you are interested in exhibiting my photographs, buying or using my photographs, click here to message me.

I am also interested in your feedback on my site.

Please enjoy, thank you, Kenneth Adams