Sequential Narratives


Fascinated by artworks that freed themselves from the constraints of time by repeatedly depicting characters, places or events in a single frame, the Italian Renaissance painter Masaccio’s ‘The Tribute Money,’ my favourite. The process simulates chapters in a book, scenes from a movie, a tale told in a single glance.

Photographing a grand daughter playing on Takapuna Beach, I discovered that by joining then blending the photographs together, I had narrated the story of Lara building her sandcastle. At that moment, I realised technology offered the chance to adopt age-old storytelling procedures in my artwork.

Subsequent ‘Sequential Narratives,’ correctly known as Synoptic Narratives, the same characters appear multiple times to tell the story, I explore two concepts: repeated photographs of a character in a sequence of events to construct a story in a single image. Inspired by art works, their characters and events are repeatedly photographed to reinterpret the work in my creative terms.

Since this work is experimental, essentially a ‘work in process;’ stories are interpreted and reinterpreted, technical skills, digital processes and procedures are continually refined and extended. This collection of works, I hope, will provide an insight into a radically different way of using photographic technology.