All I ever wanted was to be a farmer like my father, but a chance encounter changed my life. Late for my first school book-keeping class, I slipped into the back of the room next door to avoid the teacher’s wrath. I’d stumbled across the Art Room - and the Art Teacher, Selwyn Wilson. A fabled artist and teacher, he was my inspiration. I never thought again about bookkeeping or farming.

I graduated from the Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland with Honours in painting. At Elam my lecturers Garth Tapper and Colin McCahon also helped shape my life-long artistic vision.

After graduating I spent years teaching art and graphic design, but the desire to make my own artwork, particularly about the inspiring beauty of Northland landscapes, always remained close to my heart.

My interest began with landscape painting, and nearly twenty years ago this evolved into using a camera. But I stillI approach my work as a painter as much as a photographer, and the working of the images in Photoshop engages me as much as the shoot itself.